We are on a Mission Together.
Together, we are raising awareness, recognition, & respect for house cleaners. We are effectively changing the way both we & the public sees professional cleaning.

How are we doing this? 
We recognize there is stigma on cleaning & We know that we are already defeating it. This stigma runs deep. This stigma that still effects all of society. A stigma that labels people as “unskilled” or “unimportant”. A misrepresentation of our trade is what this stigma promotes, forgetting the skill and integrity of who we are and what we do. This stigma can be traced back generations, from our mother’s work, to Irish indentured servants and African slaves, and before the stories of servants could be remembered today. 

This new generation is truly beginning to understand that these stigmas were and still are false. 

The Profession of Cleaning is a skilled trade. The Profession of Cleaning is a necessary trade. Professional cleaning is a healing and therapeutic trade, changing lives every single day. 

As the industry continues to evolve and grow we are excited to be coming together everyday bringing one another a sense of family, as a safe place to turn, sharing support, education and inspiration with one another. We are excited to be paving the way for the bright future of the cleaning industry Today!

In today’s progressive society where there is so much emphasis on equality, it is amazing to me how narrow minded and uninformed we can be about certain aspects of our lives that are often vital to our everyday existence.

Cleaning Professionals are often one of those professions most marginalized.

Message From The Founder:

When I first started cleaning homes and businesses for a living I was discouraged by the lack of respect afforded to my new venture in the capacity of the skills involved in the actual work I was doing. The “kudos” I received even from family and close friends was almost always focused on my success as a “business owner” alone. To me, it has ALWAYS been about the nature of the work we do as Cleaners first. We provide people with a home that is peaceful again, restoring the environment and sanctuary of marriages and families, businesses and church halls. The skill necessary to provide services with careful attention, dealing with literally hundreds of different surfaces and utilizing our knowledge, often necessary for momentary innovation, to make our services what they are, is by far still the most important aspect of owning a cleaning service. It’s what makes a house cleaner more than just a “cleaning lady.”

Grace Reynolds, Co-Founder and President of the AHCA

Working in this industry, as a cleaner, manager, and business owner, I have learned so much about what it is to be human and the importance of every interaction we have, no matter how small they may seem.

Coming together we are a MegaPhone that continues to get bigger and louder with every step we take. This MegaPhone is sending a message out, around the world, that is already beginning to transform the current “status quo” of how cleaners are ultimately viewed. The current perspective we often see in our culture is similar to that of how servants were seen in the 16th century. We are in the 21st century now and the MegaPhone is turned on. The public can now learn from and gain a more educated perspective, where our fellow cleaners can now gain knowledge and confidence to do what they do expecting reciprocated Respect.”

Grace Reynolds, Co-Founder and President of the AHCA

The American House Cleaner’s Association is providing safe and accessible ways to come together as brothers and sisters in this industry, as first and foremost cleaning providers, but also as leaders and educators. For the first time in history, the cleaners themselves, are the focus of a mission, to raise the awareness and respect for what they do, not only in the eyes of the public, but to most importantly to bring this mission’s purpose and communicate this deep understanding to the hearts of all those who provide these skills around the world to each of their local communities. We coming together for the purposes of educating, inspiring and supporting one another and the public, in our work as cleaners. By this we have and will inevitably continue to gain a greater awareness of just how important our work is to the world! Those of you who are genuinely joining our mission, bettering yourselves, your work and your businesses, YOU are simultaneously increasing the respect from others you have always deserved. And by every encounter you have in your work, increasing respect for yourself, YOU are increasing respect for ALL CLEANERS!


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