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for all House Cleaners around the World.

American House Cleaners Association (AHCA)


The Profession of House Cleaning
is above all a necessary trade
and certainly a skilled trade.
In addition, House Cleaning is a healing and therapeutic trade.
In short, House Cleaning is a sacred work of skilled labor which promotes peace and transforms lives every
single day.

“The Stigma on house cleaning is our society’s ignorance at work, as a result, “cutting off the nose to spite the face”. Consequently, it’s a stigma that runs deep in all of us, and it’s still thriving, despite our modern times of democracy and recognition of civil rights. Moreover, a Stigma with Age-Old Roots tracing back generations, from our grandmother’s work in the home, to Irish indentured servants and African slaves, to ancient times before the stories of servants could even be recorded and recognized today. This is a stigma of double standards, which labels house cleaners’ work as “unskilled” and “unimportant”, despite the same expectations to receive results that are only possible with refined skills and integrity. In short, we are battling a Stigma that demeans the very person, by attaching itself through the “status” of their livelihoods.”

Grace Reynolds, President
AHCA – American House Cleaners Association

The world is ready to see House Cleaners in a different light. Moreover, as the house cleaning industry Grows, our House Cleaners Association is opening new doors to effectively Evolve the Status-Quo and Crush all Stigmas. We are raising awareness, recognition, & respect for house cleaners around the world, and by this we are effectively changing the way we & the world views professional house cleaning. See what we are doing in the media!

Be sure to join our private house cleaners community on Facebook! This community is our family & our home for the lifelong journey in the professional house cleaning industry! Our group of thousands of professional house cleaners is sponsored by the AHCA – American House Cleaners Association. Tap “Join Our Community” below to apply Now!

“Obtaining and Translating the skills necessary to provide services with careful attention, familiarizing yourself and your team with literally hundreds of different surfaces and utilizing this knowledge, while also recognizing that this civil service is a trade that transforms lives everyday. This is by far still the most important aspect of owning a cleaning service. It’s what makes a house cleaner more than just a “cleaning lady.” – Grace Reynolds

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